Rent / Lease

39 and 41 Dzirnavu Street


Construction of two new buildings started in 2014 on the side of the construction plot in Dzirnavu Street. The building was designed the architects office SIA Ltd., construction works are carried out by the developper AS DHB JSC. Construction is planned to be completed in early 2016. There will be rental apartments and offices of the total area of 2,375 m2.  Several apartments will have balconies and terraces. Parking lot is planned to be in sub-levels of bot buildings; a parking place for bicycles will also be provided. The first tenants have already applied, therefore we are looking forward to the moment when both buildings will be commissioned.


Historical buildings were destroyed during the World War II

In the beginning of the 20th century the land at 39 Dzirnavu Street and the building at 41 Dzirnavu Street were bought by the Kergalvis family. In 1912 Krisjanis Kergalvis built 4-storey stone building with rental apartments and shops with high mansard in national romanticism style at 39 Dzirnavu Street; the building was built upon the project byAlexandrs Vanags (Aleksandrs Vanags). The apartment house at 41 Dzirnavu Street was a two-storey wooden town house which was built in 1873 by architect Karlis Felsko (Kārlis Felsko). Krisjanis Kergalvis rebuilt the building and made it a house with rental apartments upon the project by Eizens Laubes (Eižens Laube), but in 1932 it was redesigned by Pauls Kundzins (Pauls Kundziņš).

Both buildings were destroyed during the World War II.