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33 K. Valdemara Street

The building located at 33 K.Valdemara Street is a modern rental office and flat complex with the total area of 12,000 m2. In 2012, we celebrated our 100th anniversary since the beginning of complex construction. This Art Nouveau rental house is included in the list of state protected cultural monuments and is located in the heart of the lively capital. Now it is adjusted to office needs, therefore significant part of its area is occupied by offices.

39 and 41 Dzirnavu Street

Construction of two new buildings started in 2014 on the side of the construction plot in Dzirnavu Street. The building was designed the architects office SIA Ltd., construction works are carried out by the developper AS DHB JSC. Construction is planned to be completed in early 2016. There will be rental apartments and offices of the total area of 2,375 m2.  

41 Dzirnavu Street

The six-storey building that was constructed in 1908 and repeatedly reconstructed and had the qualitative rental space of 466 m2 was located in the land plot at 41 Dzirnavu Street next to 33 Valdemara Street. This building also is declared a national cultural monument. 

Current offers

33 K. Valdemara Street
Size: 144
Price: 9 eiro/kv.m. mēnesī
Floor: 3
Number of premises: 8
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33 K. Valdemara Street
Size: 169,30 kv.m. + balkons
Price: 10 eiro/kv.m. mēnesī + PVN
Floor: 3 ar liftu
Number of premises: 7
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