About us

Pride of the Pebo family

SIA PEBO NAMI Ltd. is a family enterprise, which manages real estates located at 33 K.Valdemara Street, 39 Dzirnavu Street and 41 Dzirnavu Street in Riga. We offer high-quality apartments and office premises for rent in our buildings.

Since denationalisation of the building complex atn 33 K.Valdemara Street in 1992, the Pebo family has constantly worked on clean-up and development of the estate. We currently manage the building at 41 Dzirnavu Street along with the complex located at 33 K.Valdemara Street, and we are going to commission two new office and apartment buildings at 39 and 41 Dzirnavu Street.

We care about our tenants' well-being, therefore we maintain the estate in a good and visual condition. Tenants always receive premises after recently completed home renovation, we care about tidy environment and offer our tenants various everyday services to facilitate their everyday life and workload. Our customers and their guests have access to courtyard parking lot and lockable bicycle parking lot. Our team will help you to clean up premises, do home renovation, various minor repairs and improvements in the rented premises.


We have received many acknowledgements over the last 10 years.

The greatest value of this building is definitely related to its location - in the business centre of Riga. However, the main value is its special atmosphere, which is created by the harmony among the Pebo family, our tenants and employees. We are rightly proud of our achievements in improvements of this building. We introduce a combination of traditional Latvian orderliness, sense of style and modesty. Our regular tenants help to create the aura of the building, many of them have been here with us more than 10 years.

The building at 33 K.Valdemara Street has also received acknowledgement from the municipality - over the last 10 years we have received multiple awards for the best maintained property, the best light decorations for buildings, the best landscaping, etc..

If you hear birds singing in our courtyard, don't be surprised, it is our open-air sound gallery. That is a novelty we have introduced for the well-being of our tenants - there are sounds of te nature or quiet high-quality music playing in the courtyard on business days. It helps us to maintain the connection to the nature and undoubtedly improves the quality of the environment.


We can achieve more only if we act together

Our team takes care of the technical condition of our estate and customers' well-being on a daily basis. Our employees are ready to solve any issue related to furnishing and maintaining of the premises. We provide our clients with carpenter's, plumber's, electrician's and cleaner's services. A guard supervising the courtyard is on duty by the entrance to the courtyard on a daily basis.